New camera, new adventures

So i bought myself a Horizon 202. A Russian made, swing lens panoramic camera. I had previously owned a Panon Widelux F6, but that was sold 2 years ago. I have kind of wanted another one, but decided to try out a Horizon.

The major difference is craftsmanship. The Widelux is a beautiful work of metal camera machinery. The Horizon is a plastic camera that mainly gets the job done. To be honest, you can save a lot of money over the Widelux by getting a Horizon.

I think i made a good decision, for now. I received my images back from the lab and i was pleasantly surprised.

As usual with me testing out a camera or film, i shoot a lot of my everyday life. My dogs, my Wife, my neighborhood, my job. Throughout my day im faced with many different lighting situations so i am able to test 1 roll to a decent extent.  So without further adieu...

If you are considering a panoramic film camera, but dont want to cough up $500 for a decent camera ...I would consider the Horizon. Basic plastic camera, but it gets the job far.