Happy belated birthdays!

You should know that Vima and I love our nieces and nephews to pieces. Some are near us and yet some live in other states, but we love them all the same. Its that same love that prompted us to throw a little celebration for Charis and Adriana. Even though their birthdays were way past their dates.....way past.


I decided to capture the images on my Fuji X100. I love this way this camera feels like my other camera's and it shoots like a film camera. if that even makes sense.

Although just a small gathering, the girls loved it. The food of course was great and having the girls filled with joy made us all happy.

On the technical note, this camera is exactly what i would want in a small compact digital. Quiet, renders colored images (as well as monochromatic) to my liking. Sure it may be "outdated" by some standards, but it gets the job done. I have been very pleased with this purchase.

Until next year!