Super 8 film!

I was recently looking into getting a mirrorless digital camera that I could take with me to Georgia. I was looking into all the specs that I wanted, so that later I could mimic good old film cinematography in post production. Then much like when I began shooting film over 10+ years ago, I thought why not just get a film camera?? My search began.

After much research, forum searches and questions I ended up buying a NIzo 801 Super 8 camera. A place in Germany had one for sale and backed by a 3 month warranty. I placed my order and it got here pretty quick considering it came from Germany. 

Below is the "test roll" I shot on fresh Kodak Tri-x (just randomn scenery). I did not have the film back in time to make sure the camera actually worked, but thankfully it does. I have a roll from my trip to Georgia waiting to be sent to the lab for development and scan.

So no more babbling, here's the video.