Super 8 film!

I was recently looking into getting a mirrorless digital camera that I could take with me to Georgia. I was looking into all the specs that I wanted, so that later I could mimic good old film cinematography in post production. Then much like when I began shooting film over 10+ years ago, I thought why not just get a film camera?? My search began.

After much research, forum searches and questions I ended up buying a NIzo 801 Super 8 camera. A place in Germany had one for sale and backed by a 3 month warranty. I placed my order and it got here pretty quick considering it came from Germany. 

Below is the "test roll" I shot on fresh Kodak Tri-x (just randomn scenery). I did not have the film back in time to make sure the camera actually worked, but thankfully it does. I have a roll from my trip to Georgia waiting to be sent to the lab for development and scan.

So no more babbling, here's the video. 

Happy belated birthdays!

You should know that Vima and I love our nieces and nephews to pieces. Some are near us and yet some live in other states, but we love them all the same. Its that same love that prompted us to throw a little celebration for Charis and Adriana. Even though their birthdays were way past their dates.....way past.


I decided to capture the images on my Fuji X100. I love this way this camera feels like my other camera's and it shoots like a film camera. if that even makes sense.

Although just a small gathering, the girls loved it. The food of course was great and having the girls filled with joy made us all happy.

On the technical note, this camera is exactly what i would want in a small compact digital. Quiet, renders colored images (as well as monochromatic) to my liking. Sure it may be "outdated" by some standards, but it gets the job done. I have been very pleased with this purchase.

Until next year!

New camera, new adventures

So i bought myself a Horizon 202. A Russian made, swing lens panoramic camera. I had previously owned a Panon Widelux F6, but that was sold 2 years ago. I have kind of wanted another one, but decided to try out a Horizon.

The major difference is craftsmanship. The Widelux is a beautiful work of metal camera machinery. The Horizon is a plastic camera that mainly gets the job done. To be honest, you can save a lot of money over the Widelux by getting a Horizon.

I think i made a good decision, for now. I received my images back from the lab and i was pleasantly surprised.

As usual with me testing out a camera or film, i shoot a lot of my everyday life. My dogs, my Wife, my neighborhood, my job. Throughout my day im faced with many different lighting situations so i am able to test 1 roll to a decent extent.  So without further adieu...

If you are considering a panoramic film camera, but dont want to cough up $500 for a decent camera ...I would consider the Horizon. Basic plastic camera, but it gets the job far.

My best friend

..but don't tell my wife!

I think its fitting that this being the newest form in my attempt to have a online presence for my images, i would start with one of my most photographed subjects. My dog Gordo.


Every time i have some new film, new camera or finishing off a roll...i just take pictures of Gordo. Here's the kicker, he HATES the camera. So it's usually at an exact head turn or glance that i press the shutter.

Well, here are a few images of this lovely disgruntled old man. And yes, he's adorable and very loving.