About Myself

I am just a guy who loves to document anything from family at home to brick walls around the City.

Photography has been a passion for me for more than 18 years. I started dabbling with cameras once NYC started getting tougher on graffiti writers. Not that i was in any way "All City". Heck i was barely all anything. But I made a lot of life long friends and met many vary talented people in my years as a fellow writer.

Coming from an artistic family and having an artistic background all my life, i decided to pick up a camera. It's been an up and down journey. I started when digital was only for the pro's and they were barely shooting over 3mp. Film was the only choice for me back then.

Having the chance to start my career in film, i was better able to adjust to digital. Now i easily go back and forth on any one of my camera's. Being self taught and not having the opportunity to have taken any formal lesson's, i naturally dove into all types of literature and information i was able to get.

Photography for me is personal. Whether it's shooting a wedding or shooting friends over at our house for dinner. I feel that i try to be part of the moment.

The images on this site reflect a little of who i am and what i see. Not the greatest in anyway, not the sharpest or best composition. Just a image of a moment that i wanted either the viewer or myself to remember.