A little about me...

I have been capturing images for the latter part of my life. I picked up my first SLR when I was 19 years old. I went to a retail chain box store and bought a camera kit. I fell in love, but soon realized I sucked. After getting back some horrible images from the local 1 hour lab kiosk on the avenue near my apartment, I decided that I actually needed to learn HOW to use a camera.

I quickly subscribed to various magazines and even paid for a course that was mailed to you. I shot and shot and shot tons of images and spent my free time taking my camera everywhere. I read a lot, tried a lot and shot a lot.

In due time my skills got better and I went on to purchase various cameras and lenses to better suit what I wanted.

As the years advanced I began to document weddings, family sessions, special events and portraits. By this time digital was a major part of my photography process. It was also a process where I was overdoing what I learned years prior.

This website and photography are a reflection of what I see and like to remember; from family members and friends sitting around my living room to taking day trips with my wife to various locations to try some new film out. 

When it comes to photography, I thank God that I am healthy and able to document many parts of my life and of those around me.